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Welcome to ARA, Inc.

ARA, Inc. is an acronym of "Aerospace Research Associates", a small, wholly owned company employing 10 people.  ARA, Inc. has specialized in the various aspects of survivability in crew and passenger aircraft seating, including the practical application of numerous derivations of high-energy attenuators.

ARA, Inc. specializes in the support of the Blackhawk UH60A Helicopter Crashworthy Crew Seat by providing spare parts to a wide range of customers. Such progress has made ARA, Inc. a successful, diversified organization with a strong production backlog and  production programs with the United States Government, Sikorsky Aircraft and independent suppliers of aircraft parts.

ARA, Inc. meets ISO 9001:2008 Tailored. 

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7:30am - 4:30pm 
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​ARA, INC.  457 BORREGO COURT, SAN DIMAS, CALIFORNIA 91773 (909) 305-0671  Fax (909) 305-0525  email:
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